Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the gift that keeps on giving...

Four or five years ago, when Lydia and I still had the native plant nursery, we had a dozen or so bare-root live oak seedlings left over from a job. At that time I knew that Louis and Ashlee Michot were planting trees around their new place between Grand Coteau and Arnaudville, so I called them up to come and get the oak seedlings. We couldn't synchronize our schedules so I told them that I'd leave the seedlings in our potting area and they could just come and pick them up at their convenience.

Eventually they did come to get the oaks; and as an afterthought I guess, Louis heeled in (half-buried) a handful of wildflower seedlings in a pot of bark mulch lying around the potting area. We were really busy with stuff back then, so those seedlings had to fend for themselves, surviving in that pot of bark mulch without any supplemental fertilizer or water. In fact, they had to survive there for over a year before Lydia finally rescued them and planted them in her “herb wheel” on the west side of the yard.

Over the years, I didn't take much note of them. Then, this past spring they forced me to notice them via the sheer beauty of their blooms – and their numbers. Turned out to be prairie larkspurs (Delphinium carolinianum; aka “Carolina Larkspur”). In the intervening three years they had spread nicely, seeding themselves throughout the whole herb wheel.

little miracles

So I recently called Louis to get the story on the larkspurs. He barely remembered the details, but apparently, he had snatched up a handful of them as his band (the fabulous Lost Bayou Ramblers) was journeying home from a gig in Texas. They must have still been in his vehicle when he stopped to pick up the oak seedlings.

Larkspurs belong to the Ranunculus or Crowfoot plant family, a large group comprised of over 1,000 species – most of them very showy bloomers. Other Crowfoot family members include buttercups, Clematis, columbines, meadow-rues, and Anemones. There are over 150 species of larkspurs alone. Here in North America, we probably have 50-75 species and subspecies. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

call for auditions!

"ALRITE!" A Two-Act Quasi-Musical


Auditions will be held on Sunday, May 15 (3pm) and Wednesday, May 18 (6pm) at Cite' des Arts in Lafayette for the play, “Alrite!” scheduled to run at Cite' on August 25-28 and September 1-4, 2011.

(Dear regular readers, please forgive/indulge me this off-topic post. This site/blog is the best that I can do to detail this important announcement.....)

The Play

Not exactly a musical, “Alrite!” is a Two-Act play about a group of former professional musicians who've lost their “day jobs” and have ended up back in their hometown, to find that their old band leader is still performing around town. “Alrite!” will feature nine original songs, instrumentally/vocally performed by the actors themselves. There are also a few non-musician roles involved.

Writer: Bill Fontenot Director: Christy Leichty Musical Director: Bruce MacDonald

Stage Manager: Jim Phillips

The Cast

JEANNIE: woman 45-55 yrs old; Rock Singer

UNCLE RICK: man 55-60 yrs old; Rock Guitarist

DON: man 45-55 yrs old; Singer/Acoustic Guitarist

TOM: man 45-55 yrs old; Singer/Rock Bassist

MIKE: man 45-55 yrs old; Rock Bassist

DANNY: man 25-35 yrs old; Rock Drummer

CHERRIE: woman 45-55 yrs old; Bartender

CECIL: man 20-60 yrs old; Radio Station Tech

GAIL: woman 40-60 yrs old; Radio Station Manager

UN-NAMED AIRLINE EMPLOYEE: man or woman any age

UN-NAMED OLD CAJUN COUPLE: man and woman 60-80 yrs old

The Commitment

Rehearsals begin in June and will continue through July and August, through show time.

For More Information

Contact Bill Fontenot, 337.896.9187(h) 337.852.5576(c)

Christy Leichty, 337.290.1549